Micro Chip
What is the microchip IVF treatment method?

The microchip method can now resolve the phenomenon of infertility, which occurs due to insufficient sperm count, motility, and morphological characteristics of the man. The chance of pregnancy is increased in this treatment by separating sperm cells that do not have the ability to fertilize the egg and obtaining healthy sperms.

How is Microchip treatment applied?

1. Defective DNA problems, such as sperm deficiency, which causes male infertility, are eliminated with microchip IVF treatment.

2. The micro-channels created by the hormones imitate the body's own functioning and ensure the separation of healthy sperm cells in the developed sperm microchips. As a result, there are no potentially harmful side effects.

3. According to the research, microchip technology has been successful in areas other than in vitro fertilization.

4. Unsuccessful attempts and miscarriages caused by DNA-damaged and unhealthy sperm cells are prevented.

5. After the failure of a low-quality embryo, the number of attempts is reduced and the resulting financial and emotinal losses are minimized.

6. It prevents genetic disorders from being passed on to the baby and ensures the birth of healthy infants.

Who is the microchip applied to?

1. It is utilized in male infertility cases in which the number, shape, and mobility of sperm are insufficient to fertilize the egg.

2. Repeated failed IVF attempts

3. In pregnancies resulting in miscarriage

4. Microchip IVF treatment is applied to patients with male factor infertility such as sperm disorders preventing healthy embryos.