Trust Focused Therapy = Success
Confidentiality is at the forefront of our treatment process. The value judgments of society and the sensitivities of couples are always taken into account. The condition of the couples, the treatment they receive, and the test results, like all other health issues, are kept completely confidential.

One of the most important issues in IVF clinics is privacy. No one, including the mother, father, and siblings, is informed about the treatment process unless the couple consents. No personal information is provided. During both examinations and procedures, the couples' private lives are treated with the utmost respect. The couple is kept stress-free by providing a variety of conveniences. In IVF treatment, only cells from couples are used. The cells taken from the couples during the insemination and in vitro fertilization stages are treated with the utmost care. With the triple control system, the possibility of mixing up the cells is reduced to zero. The use of someone else's cell is prohibited. During the treatment, cells belonging to the couples are used. The records of our patients are checked by two different specialists.

IVF is a team effort!

IVF is not just the job of the doctor or the embryologist. It's teamwork. The main task belongs to couples. It doesn't matter if the issue lies with the man or the woman. Both men and women should embrace the issue and support one another. As doctors, embryologists, nurses, staff, and patient consultants, we support couples with all of our scientific knowledge, skills, and humane aspects, and we work as a team to move forward.